Motivating Children

Motivation and childcare is a contentions subject and there is much controversy over how far parents and teachers should go in motivating children. The reason for the controversy is the far extremes of motivation in childcare care be disastrous for the child’s upbringing and leave the child damaged for life in one way or another so getting a balance is crucial.

Under motivating:

A lack of motivation in a child’s life can lead to the child feeling little desire to accomplish things and push themselves in anyway, they will often not see the highest attainment of goals as a possibility and lack confidence in their own ability’s. This will be hard to shake off in later life and may result in a lifetime of settling for the bare minimum and feelings of low self worth.


Over motivating:

Parents and teachers who push children too hard can often cause the child to breakdown under the stress of all the expectations on their shoulders. They will often feel they can never obtain accolades high enough to please other people and will often feel forced into what ever it is they are doing. This can lead to rebelling and taking their life in a completly different direction to escape the pressure and the expectation.


So getting motivation right is crucial and the best policy in somewhere in between.